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Rotary Meeting 7/11/19

I know we had a few Rotarians missing yesterday because of jobs and vacations, BUT we had a great turn out for a July meeting! 

Announcement update:

- Roger Poole is officially a Bryant Rotarian!! YAY!

- CASA Chili Cook-Off is Aug. 6 

  We need to defend our title so Jason is cooking & Kari is decorating!

Please let me know if you can make it, so I can put you on the rotation list! It is usually about 4 hours from start to finish!

- Kids Closet

  We are having the trailer rotated this weekend and the ground breaking of the new closet should be very very soon. Emil had to approve it all through the church's voters meeting and answer any questions- and we are finally read to rock & roll with the construction! If you would like to be on that committee with Joe and Emil, please let Emil know!

- The Library needs your grocery bags

   As always, Kari is up to something cool at the Library. They need 500 LBS (yes, 500) of plastic grocery bags. You can bring them to the Rotary meetings or find the drop off points on their FB & website. 


Shelby's Presentation:

Grant Project- $150/month for 10 months we will be supplying a teacher with school supplies in her class room by nomination via FB. Kari & I will work out the details once the grant is approved. 

Extra Service Project- We have decided to add the service project of purchases duffle bags and back packs for the foster children in our community. Children are a point of interest for us and I found a place that we have not reached out to very much. 

After Hour Events- Jaime made a very good point to team up with the local groups and attend their fundraiser and events as our After Hours to support them! LOVE THAT!

Jeff Farris Academy- I have attached the form. If you are interested, the club will cover the academy but you would need to cover transportation. I would love for more club members to attend this if possible. It will be great for your Rotary Growth as well as your personal leadership growth. 


It is going to be a fantastic year for Bryant Rotary Club. Please let us know if you are interested in joining!

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