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ICYMI 9-9-21

Today our guest was very entertaining and informative! And the topic. Whoa! Talk about something that we should talk about more often but are scared to.

Dr. Rebecca Schlau, Psychologist at Saline Psychological Services, wasn’t afraid and has so much insite on mental health. One of my favorite things I learned is that you can get a test done (like bloodwork) to find out which medication is best for your anxiety or depression. Imagine not having to keep taking medicine for a couple months and just se if the side effects are bad or if it doesn’t work! How incredibly helpful would it be to just know which one your body is built to use?!?!

She also shared tips on communicating with people. You gotta think about how your body and language and tone reflect your message. If you voice says something but your body says another, chances are you are probably not going to be perceived the way you want. Long story short, we could have kept Dr. Schlau there all day with questions. It was all so interesting and relevant. But, we had to part ways after lunch unfortunately.

So join us this week for a new speaker. And in the mean time, check out Dr. Schlau’s bio below and find information on her business by following her Facebook page:

Full bio:

Dr. Rebecca Schlau is a licensed clinical psychologist in Benton,Arkansas. She was born and raised in Benton. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Hendrix College, Dr. Schlau completed her Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri. After an internship in Miami Florida, she returned to her home state for a residency at the UAMS Reynolds institute on aging. Dr. Schlau was licensed as a psychologist in 2010. Shortly thereafter she joined the Mercy outpatient Clinic in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Dr. Schlau then joined Bryant psychology in 2013. In January 2018, Dr. Schlau opened up her own private practice, Saline Psychological Services, located in Benton Arkansas.

Dr. Schlau has varied interests in psychology and was trained in multiple settings with people of all ages and backgrounds. Her focus in current private practice is adult dementia /memory (neuropsychological assessment), ADHD evaluations, bariatric surgery psychological assessment.

Dr. Schlau lives in Benton with her husband, 3 children, and 1 cat. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, decorating for holidays, planning parties, and long walks. She’s a Disney World enthusiast and loves family trips to Branson.

Favorite Quote: A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. –Winston Churchill

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