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Meet our Club President, Kari Lapp.

So, I'm sitting here drowning in my work like we all are and it has occurred

to me that I took over as Bryant Rotary Club President in June but I haven't introduced myself. So how about I do that now? OK? OK!

My name is Kari Lapp. I am the Community Engagement Manager at the Saline County Library and love my job. I get to go to all sorts of networking events, think of fun ways to engage our community members, and build partnerships. Basically, I get paid to talk. Which is something my parents would say has never been an issue for me. :)

I am also on the Saline County Imagination Library board, Saline County Young Professionals Network board, Benton Downtown Partnership board and an ambassador for both Benton and Bryant Chambers.

Outside of work, I have two boys and a daughter. I have only known my daughter for two years now since I married her father in April but I could not love her anymore if she was my own. I have two dogs, Yoda and Obi. Yes. They are Star Wars names and yes, we have costumes for them.

As for my goals for Rotary, that is a tough one to nail down. 2020 changed so much. Honestly, there is so much that is not back to normal and so much that will never be our old version of normal ever again. I am proud to have a great board and great members in our club that still have a passion to help out our community. This past year, we have seen our Kids Closet clothe more children than we ever imagined so that is a big focus on efforts- to stay ahead of the demands of our area so we can meet the need of any child that comes to us. We are also working on a fantastic partnership with the Imagination Library, Saline County Library and Saline Memorial Hospital that I cannot wait to share more information on soon!

Other than that, I would just like to say that I'm excited for new opportunities this organization has coming this year and what we can do to strengthen and support our community. We meet every Thursday (unless otherwise stated) at Luigi's in Bryant at noon. I encourage anyone who has ever thought about Rotary or just wants to know more about it to come out and join us for lunch one day. I did and have not looked back since!

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