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ICYMI Oct. 22, 2020

Past District Governor Dennis Cooper and his wife, Shawnee, joined us to talk about how other clubs have handled COVID. Shawnee is also the Immediate Past President of Club Scenic 7. One of his main talking points was that we, as Rotarians and business professionals, need to be looking through the front windshield instead of the rearview mirror. We are pioneers of a new frontier full of challenges, so we need to adapt to new ways to overcome those challenges.

He also talked about Hear to Heart, a campaign that is celebrating 15 years of success. Our district has been participating since 2017. In February 2019, our district traveled to Mexico to build a water tank. This water tank has allowed kids to have clean water at school and at home.

In April, Rotary will be celebrating 100 years in Mexico. Rotary International is hoping to complete 100 projects in Mexico in recognition of this huge milestone.

Last but not least, Dennis talked about the benefits of a satellite club that many clubs in our district have looked into. A satellite club is like a

sub-club or mini-club that meets at a different time than the main club meeting and may only meet once or twice a month. This club has its own board and can even have its own projects but the club be presided over by the main club president.

If you think a satellite club would allow you to attend meetings and be more involved, please reach out to Jamie or Kari.

If you are interested in learning anything else about these projects mentioned, reach out to Dennis or email Jamie or Kari.

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