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ICYMI 8-13-20

Kerri Jackson Case joined our zoom call and it was both entertaining and insightful. If anyone knows Kerri, you know her family strives to have humor and positivity in all situations possible. And her presentation presented nothing less!

Professionally, Kerri has worked as a communicator for more than 20 years. She's an accredited public relations practitioner, award-winning reporter, and professional talker.

Personally, she's consumed massive quantities of caffeine, thrown fabulous parties, blogged like a mother, worn funny t-shirts, mixed fantastic cocktails, perfected folding a fitted sheet and won two blue ribbons for needlepoint at the Arkansas State Fair.

Kerri lives in Little Rock with her husband, son and two wretched dogs.

She presented on how we can take COVID-19 and turn a positive spin on this for our company, our marketing and just our daily lives in general.

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