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ICYMI 9-17-2020

Last week we had a very progress-filled assembly day! Not only did we discuss tasks and make plans, we also had the pleasure of presenting club member, Emil Woerner with his Paul Harris X3 pin! Congrats, Emil. You are so awesome and definitely reflect "service above self."

One of the items discussed was when we will start meeting in person. Well, that time is happening real soon. Like October 2nd!

For the month of October, we will try out meeting in person at TaMolly's in Bryant. We would like to know where our members stand on meetings. Our officers will try to reach out to members this week but would to hear from you about how you feel about in-person meetings or how we can improve Rotary during this time. Please email Jamie or Kari if you have something you want to share. Attendees will adhere to social distancing and wear masks unless eating. We still want to be as safe as possible and respect those that do not feel comfortable meeting in person. We will also give members and presenters to option to Zoom in. Please bear with us as we test this out and navigate the bumps along the way.

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