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Weekly Meeting Recap: June 27, 2019

Mr. Walter with the Arkansas Democrat Gazette spoke to us about the history of the newspaper and how the Gazette is taking on the digital age.

Club Announcements

We have a potential member! Roger Poole, former Little Rock Rotarian, would like to transfer membership to Bryant. Please look for an email from Josh with more information.

Member News

Emil and Pat are ready to go forward with building the new Kids Closet! Pat is looking for someone good at carpentry that can build some shelves for the jeans. We would also like to have a paint day to paint the shelves on the back wall. We will see if a local teen group who needs volunteer hours can assist.

Kari wanted to remind anyone that if you assist someone in the closet during the summer or just know a family in need, they can come to the library (Benton or Bryant) to pick up a food backpack. They may pick up one per child per week.

From Our Speaker

Arkansas Democrat Gazette (ADG) does its best to stay a state-wide newspaper. Roughly 36-38 pages and six sections. $34 a month. Compare it to other major cities- it’s a bigger paper with a smaller cost!

Developing digital advertising was harder than expected due to large competitors aka Facebook and Google. 

ADG iPad app reflects the actual printed paper on the iPad. So readers know they are still getting all the stories and no details are left out! So do increase digital subscribers, the ADG is giving digital subscribers and iPad and also showing them how to use the online digital paper. This caused 70% of print subscribers switch to digital even after they were skeptical.

Cool features on the iPad version:

Zoom, share options, stories can be put on speaker and read out loud, all pictures are color, portable and downloaded automatically with WiFi, access to all of digital archives at no additional cost (goes back to 1980s), and can view photo albums and videos

Current Bryant subscribers will get an email with more information on how they can get their free iPad and switch over to the digital subscription. They will still get a printed Sunday paper.

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