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Pinkies for Polio

World Polio Campaign

Would you like to help us make a difference in the WORLD?!

October 24th is World Polio Day. Rotary Clubs across the world has made a huge impact in polio. There are very few cases still present. We want to help make those cases continue to dissipate by raising funds on World Polio Day.

- We are visiting local businesses in October to collect Pinkie Prints on our Pinkie Polio Board. Why pinkie prints? Each patient that receives the polio vaccine has their pinkie painted purple.

- Each pinkie print is only $5

- We will be presenting this Pinkie Polio Board at our weekly meeting on Oct. 24th.

Would you like your business and employees to participate? Please sign up HERE


Founders Dinner
Every year in June, we celebrate the end of a great Rotarian year and the beginning of our next. We come together with our family and friends as we socialize, have fun, look back on what all we accomplished and look forward to what goals we have for the future.
Christmas in July
Bryant Fall Fest
We are proud to participate in the Bryant Fall Fest by cooking hot dogs and selling water. This is a great family event to not just have fun but see what other great organizations and businesses are in our community.
Savor the Flavor
As a local nonprofit, we hold a booth at the Benton Savor the Flavor to inform our community about our goals and mission and also share information about our Kids Closet.
Friends in Christ Oktoberfest
Friends in Christ Lutheran Church is a great partner with us and we love the opportunities we have to help them. Oktoberfest is a family fun festival that is loaded with games, prizes and entertainment.
CASA Chili Cook-Off
Its just not a cook-off until the Rotarians arrive! To help raise money for Saline County CASA, we whip up some amazing chili and bring out the Pirates Against Polio to serve it all up! (We won best booth decorations in 2018!)
Pinkies for Polio
World Polio Day is a big deal to us! Our mission to help end Polio all over the globe and it is a big job to do but every person (and pinky!) matters. This was a fundraiser where participants paid $5 to stamp their pinky on the display board.
Bryant Christmas Parade
Our creativity gets put to the test during the Christmas Parade as we decorate a float and then our family and friends ride with us to pass out candy to our neighbors.
Rotary Christmas Party
Everyone is invited to celebrate the holidays with us at our annual Christmas Party. We enjoy food and games and see who can bring the ugliest sweater!
Duck Derby
The Duck Derby gets bigger and better every year. We put on a full day festival to raise money for the Kids Closet, Bryant Boys and Girls Club and the Imagination Library of Saline County. At the end of the festival, we race 5,000 ducks down a river and the top ten get prizes, all valued over $500.
Benton/Bauxite Rotary Wash Nights
Our friends at the Benton/Bauxite Rotary are doing amazing things like the wash nights. They graciously invited us to tag along and we have so much fun passing out quarters and getting to know our local community.
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Rotary Christmas Party

Everyone is invited to celebrate the holidays with us at our annual Christmas Party. We enjoy food and games and see who can bring the ugliest sweater!